Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tag me Amadeus

Tag Me Amadeus
Tuesday 15th June, 1330, BBC Radio 4 (repeated Saturday 19th June @ 1530)
FM, DAB, Freeview and on the BBC iPlayer ( for 7 days after broadcast
Sue Perkins encounters her own musical doppelganger, as she explores the mysterious art of 'sonic branding': the micro-jingles that distil the essence of an entire character, emotion or mere musical seconds. Sue has her own bespoke musical tag created personally for her, at one of the UK's leading sonic branding agencies, Cutting Edge Commercial - as well as speaking to experts on film music, children's TV, and the composer of the most famous sonic logo in history: the famous "Intel bongs"...

Can you really only sell toilet paper in C Major? Do brass instruments always mean bad guys with guns? And will Sue's personal musical ident really reflect her inner being? Tune in on Tuesday 15th June at 1.30pm, on BBC Radio 4...