Sunday, 30 March 2008

Derek has a brand new website

Dear all,

I am very happy to announce that Derek's brand new website is finally
up and running.
Derek's new site is fully accessible, XHTML 1.1 strict compliant, it
features a dynamic links database, new links to Derek's sites at
CDBaby and, a nice blog (the one that you are reading right
now) and a nice randomization of different photos of Derek every time
you refresh your page.

Please keep in touch for further news and developments.

All best wishes and many thanks for your continuous love and support!


1 comment:

LI_Mom said...

I never heard of David until today & I wanted to drop by & say how amazed I am after hearing him play on YouTube.

He is featured on a blog today so I suppose he'll have a lot of visitors headed this way.

Keep making that beautiful music David & thank you for sharing with the rest of us.